"The journey is the reward."


What Happens at an Acupuncture Session

At our first meeting there will be an intake of information about your reasons for coming, health goals, and health history. An informational intake form will be made available to you prior to our first meeting. In the next part of our session I will perform a diagnostic exam, which includes pulse taking, point palpation and tongue examination. After these I will review the information and create a treatment plan for the day. You will receive you first acupuncture treatment during our first session. Please allow for 1 and a half hours for our first visit, follow up visits are one hour. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing, have eaten and are hydrated during your time prior to your session.

How Many Treatments Will I Need

The number of treatments varies from person to person, as does the experience of life and dis-ease. Acute and chronic conditions may require different amounts of time to get to the root of the problem. Five Element Acupuncture works to bring the body back into harmony and to support healthy functioning of the BodyMindSpirit. Patients usually report positive changes in 4 to 10 treatments, and some will see them in one or a few visits.

To help guide patients in this process I work with them in creating long and short term goals that we use as touchstones to inform our progress and allows for the review of health issues as things move and change. I will recommend next steps as we review and revise treatment goals and as always the client is empowered, and an active part of the process.

Cost & Insurance

Now accepting BlueCross and BlueShield of RI. Many other insurance companies will cover acupuncture treatments. Please check with your health insurance provider to see your eligibility. Payment for treatments is due in full at the time of individual session. If applicable to your individual case, our office may supply receipts with statement of treatment and appropriate insurance codes. These can be used for patients to submit a reimbursement claim to their insurance company.