"To thine own heart be true."


Heals and relieves the symptoms and underlying conditions of the BodyMindSpirit by inserting acupuncture needles into the body, accessing the energy pathways which affect the functioning/healing of the Body-Mind-Spirit. Acupuncture needles are individuality packaged, sterile and used only once per point and per patient. The needle is made from stainless steel and very thin, generally considered about the width of human hair. Many people do not feel any or just a brief sensation upon receiving acupuncture needles. During and after a session many patients report a sense of relaxation, improved energy and outlook, and relief of symptoms previously present.



Is the practice of burning small cones of the herb moxa (Artemisia vulgaris) to move, and warm Qi energy to help restore balance. It is used alone and in combination with acupuncture needles.

Life Choices & Its Effects on Our Lives

Life may be what events happens to us. It is equally important to consider, what we think About what happens, and how we react to it. What are the stories of your life?

How do our choices affect our beliefs, health, relationships, ability to stay balanced and make the most out of Life?

Acupuncture and other forms of energy healing can reawaken and repair the flow of Qi in BodyMindSpirit. Along with healing needles and moxa there is also other possibilities to clear and move energy. We may gain a better understand of ourselves, beliefs and actions that may be affecting our experience of life and health.

Providing opportunities to enhance your personal observer is a pledge we make to all our patients. Through respect and non-judgment, each person’s personal goals are dignified and valued as a part of each individual’s path to walk. With this thought, and as part of our acupuncture session we may suggest exploring activities such as:

  • Take on practices that quiet the mind; meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga

  • Enhance your "observer" of phenomenon not story, so a more pure sense of truth and understanding will emerge

  • Encourage you to take on and design practices that build and enhance your positive sense of self, and what you are offering of yourself to the world

  • Reminders to live consciously, in the moment, and full of possibility

  • Practice using your words to heal the world and build the kind of world you would like to live in, for your self, your children, and children’s children, and those we live with today

  • Consider the idea that “the body is wise” and learn to form a new relationship with issues that present themselves to you

  • Walk your path, and consider that it is all working perfectly as you dance with life’s ups and downs